10 April 2008

Why should we care?

Is it a perverse kind of Schadenfreude, this tendency I have to surf Lutheran blogs to see what's going on over there? One guy who calls himself "David" asked my son, "Why should you care about Lutherans?"

Here are some reasons:
1. Because a lot of my life was spent within Lutheranism, and I found so much that was good there: the focus on Christ, the importance of the sacraments and the liturgy etc.
2. Because most of my family remain in Lutheranism.
3. Because many other people I love remain there, too: former parishioners, classmates, professors etc.
4. Because I know that the inevitable end toward which they're veering is either isolationist fundamentalism, or relativism (or both, I suppose)--either of which makes faith difficult or impossible.

One correction to David: we Orthodox *can* say whether Lutheranism is church or not. It's not. What we can't say, is whether any individual Lutheran is saved or not. We can't say that, because it's not ours to judge any individual. It belongs to God to judge. And it belongs to him to convert as well.

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