26 April 2008

Paschal Joy, Part 1

This morning we celebrated the Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil, together with Holy Baptism and Holy Chrismation. The picture at left shows me doing the pre-baptismal anointing of a three year old child who received the Kingdom of God. (In the background you can see part of a horse-trough used as a font by all the Orthodox parishes in the Grand Rapids area when we baptise someone larger than an infant.) We also received her parents, and my daughter's boyfriend, by chrismation.

In the Orthodox Church we celebrate all three chief mysteries at the same time. Those who are baptised, are anointed with chrism and then given their first taste of the Eucharistic gifts. What joy, to be joined to Christ's body and share in his love! He gives us the great gift: to believe in him, to suffer with him, and to be glorified with him.
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Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty cool to see you featured in the GR Press on Saturday (here).

I am looking forward to the year when I (and Lord willing my family) will be able to attend the Pascha service.