27 April 2008

Paschal Joy, part 3

But wait! There's more! After a few short hours of sleep, we roused ourselves and traveled to our mother parish, St. Nicholas, for the Agape Vespers. One of the highlights of this service is the reading of the holy Gospel in as many languages as can be respresented in the parish. This morning, literally with 5 minutes' notice, Fr. Dan Daly assembled speakers of 12 languages to read St. John's account of the resurrection.

Most of my family is now at the annual Pascha afternoon party. I have to grade papers, so I've stayed home. But I wanted to share with you all a little of the taste of an Orthodox Pascha.

Christ is risen! Indeed he is risen!
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orrologion said...

Christos voskrese!

It only hit me reading this that the OCA Cathedral I attend in NYC does the multiple languages at the Vesperal Liturgy of Holy Saturday and not at Agape Vespers. Don't know why. Not doing the languages at Agape Vespers is, to me, much more festive and allowing the service to keep up that break neck speed and joy one felt from the night before since multiple languages are usually unevenly read.