22 August 2009

Can you identify this photo?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Some attribute it to God's wrath played out in a storm that hit the ELCA church across the street from where the disastrous pro-gay vote was carried out. I'm not sure I buy into the "God's wrath" part, but it certain makes one go hmmm. Such a sad day for Lutheranism and pushes true confessional Lutherans even further into a corner. My question now is: who's next? Does this mean the LCMS is soon to get a huge influx of ELCA members, or will the ELCA members find the OC or head to Rome?

Dixie said...

I am thinking it is an indication that Somebody wants a recount!

Seriously...the end image says a lot (the cross knocked off the steeple!). I tend to see this as a Divine comment on the vote. I think that puts me in fundy company. But I can't help but see the image and think this.

Daniel said...

At first glance, I thought it was the cover for a Heavy Metal album in the 80's. I guess I was wrong.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I'm with Dixie a hundred percent.

If wrath was what God had wanted to demonstrate, He could have done a much, much more thorough and horrifying job of it than this.

But I have no trouble supposing He's showing his disapproval, and yes, it's particularly symbolic that the cross was knocked off the top of the structure.

Benjamin Harju said...

Rom. 1 indicates that when man chose to walk away from God, and instead propped up false gods, the result of that was homosexuality. Wrong communion with God (i.e. no communion with God in favor of idolatry) led to wrong communion among mankind (i.e. homosexuality), for man is made in the image of the Trinity. Christ restores man to communion with God. Using Christian freedom to embrace the darkness of sin again essentially removes the cross and the Lord who hung there to bring man back to God.

I think it is quite compassionate and merciful that a sign was given that has the power to remind us of the gravity of what is going on. This is a good reminder that God desires that the sinner should turn and live.