18 August 2009

Subterranean scribbling; On patrology and the fathers

Many people are aware that it was Protestants--Lutherans, specifically--who first came up with patrology as a field of study. In the Tao te Ching, Lao Tzu says,

"When the great Tao is forgotten,
goodness and piety appear.
When the body's intelligence declines,
cleverness and knowledge step forth.
When there is no peace in the family,
filial piety begins.
When the country falls into chaos,
patriotism is born."

Could we not add to his words:

"When the fathers were lost to the west,
then Patrology came into being."


Apophatically Speaking said...
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Apophatically Speaking said...

Perhaps, or the recognition that something is missing? Let's pray they will recognize that a study of the Fathers divorced from Tradition leads to nowhere (well somewhere, but nowhere any one really wants to go).

Does the great Tao have anything to say about 40 year roundabouts in deserts?