26 March 2008

A Lenten prayer

O Lord Jesus, who with thy Father
Art honored and worshiped
And with thy Holy Spirit art exalted and proclaimed,
Thou who becamest incarnate for us, like unto us,
That thou mightest make us for thee like unto thee,
Thou, light for all, merciful unto all, mighty, celestial,
With divine miracle, I beseech thee,
O compassionate one, restore me now anew,
Mine earthen vessel, shattered and destroyed.
Melt me, thine image, worn out with sins,
In a crucible, with the lightning of thy word,
I implore thee, and cast me anew.
The destroyed edifice of thy place of repose
In the tabernacle of my body, with its guardian soul,
Prithee, O benefactor, cleanse it for thy dwelling.
Do not render for mine evil deeds the same in return.

Grigor Narekatsi, Elegy #19

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