25 March 2008

The Annunciation of our God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Today the good tidings of joy are proclaimed,
today is the festival of the Virgin;
things below are joined together with things on high.
Adam is made new;
Eve is freed from the primal grief;
and by the deification of the human nature, which the Lord assumed,
the tabernacle of our substance has become a temple of God.

Oh, what a mystery!
The manner of His emptying cannot be known;
the manner of His conception is beyond speech.
An Angel ministers at the miracle; a virginal womb receives the Son;
the Holy Spirit is sent down; the Father on high is well pleased,
and according to their common counsel, a covenant is brought to pass
in which and through which we are saved.

For this reason let us unite our song with Gabriel's,
crying aloud to the Virgin:
“Rejoice, O Lady full of grace, the Lord is with you!
From you is our salvation,
Christ our God, Who, by assuming the nature that is our own, has led us back to Himself.
Humbly pray to Him for the salvation of our souls!”

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