21 February 2008

My father's illness

I received word from my stepmother this evening that my father is very near death. He has survived many things, from serving in the Battle of the Bulge under General Patton to a bout with Legionaire's Disease some ten years ago. For the past month or two he has been hospitalized, first with a collapsed lung and then with MERSA and pneumonia. Now, it appears, his kidneys are shutting down and attempts at dialysis are not succeeding.

The photo above is from Thanksgiving at my sister's house in 2005. Pictured on the bench are my daughters Vera and Laura, my stepmother, my father, my daughter-in-law Amy, and sons Chip and John. In front of the bench are my daughter Marina, my wife and your humble scribe.

"That we may complete the remaining time of our life in peace and repentance; a Christian ending to our life, painless, blameless and peaceful, and a good defense before the dread judgment seat of Christ, let us ask of the Lord."
Grant this, O Lord.
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Ignatius said...


Anne and I will hold you and your family close to our hearts in prayer. May God grant your father peace and streangth.

Our warmest wishes,

Ezekiel said...

My good friend,

We will remember you, your family, and especially your father and stepmother in our prayers.

Christ is in our midst!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Add my prayers, as well. So sorry to hear of this, and may your father rest in the arms of *his* Father.

And may God grant you strength and His marvelous, incomprehensible peace.