09 June 2009

Marina and Nathan Sterk

This past Saturday at 2 pm, my daughter Marina was married to Nathan Sterk. The photo shows the crowning service. What a joy it was to see so much family and so many friends! The liturgy was held at St. Nicholas in Grand Rapids, our mission's mother parish.

Now life begins to return to normal--whatever that is... :-)


Dixie said...

Wow...how wonderful to have a child joined in this Holy Sacrament of Marriage!

I hate to say this, Father, but you are a little stingy with the pics...any more you would care to share? :D

Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

We're relying on the kindness of--well, not strangers, but friends and relatives who snapped photos. My sister has more posted on Facebook, fwiw.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Many Years to the newly-married couple !

Emily H. said...

Father, I'm glad you posted a picture of the wedding! Many years to Marina and Nathan!

BTW, did they take the little rat creature with them yet? :D