03 March 2009

That prayer, again

On his blog "Cyberbrethren" the Rev'd. Paul McCain has cited another unnamed Lutheran blogger discussing the post-communion prayer to the Theotokos. The unnamed blogger refers to it as an "idolatrous prayer."

For those Lutherans bitten by the "Orthodox bug," as he puts it, who want to see an exegesis of that prayer, I posted a detailed explanation of it some time ago. The exegesis begins with a post of 28 August 2008.

If any Lutheran would like to discuss it, or any Orthodox for that matter, feel free to comment here.


SubDn. Lucas said...

I must offer my sympathies to those perplexed by this beautiful prayer--it was a great stumbling block for me when I was inquiring into the Faith.

In retrospect, I consider it to have been an important, and helpful stumbling block: it forced me to come to terms with Christian teaching on salvation, intercession, the Communion of Saints, the Theotokos, and the Eucharist.

Therefore, much repentance is needed, I think, before it is properly prayed.

Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

Thank you, Subdeacon. For the same reason, I think, we must avoid watering down such statements of the services as "Most holy Theotokos, save us." These "hard sayings" are but opportunities for teachable moments.